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Image result for universal property insuranceSBW would like to welcome Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company as our PRIMARY sponsor.  

Thank you for your gracious support!Providing the protection you deserve.

 Rafael Vicentini  is a professional Bike Fitter experienced with more than 1700 bike fits.


He can Schedule a Bike Fit in the convenience of your home and is offering a discount of $50 for SBW members. 

Call today and get the FIT OF YOUR LIFE !!!!


    Instagram : @rrv_bikefit    

Barry Katz


Eric Schiavi LMT

Massage Therapy

License # MA 79047

Call: (954) 682-1500 

Improve flexibility

Increase range of motion

Reduce swelling

Reduce pain.

RECEIVE $25 OFF Initial Visit

Discounts for SBW Members

20% OFF Accessories

10% OFF Electronics

Discunt for SBW Members !!!

20% OFF Accessories / 10% OFF Electronics

  SBW members will receive 10% off initial visit!

Acupuncture for Pain & Injuries with a doctor you can trust!

Gentle, effective & painless.



Harley Jacobson  954-785-8175

 G-20 Fitness is offering a very special deal to SBW members . .

. 10 sessions for $10.

Give  G-20  a month and you'll see the incredible improvements.

What a great deal, No excuses, just results.

Addiction affects everyone.

Let United Recovery Project guide you on the path to recovery.

Learn more about our program and make the call to get help for substance abuse today.


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